In this course you will learn foundational aspects of leadership development that will equip with tools for positive growth and influence.

Learn the secrets to great leadership like:

- Focus on the "Big Rocks"

- People over Projects

- Do Hard Things

- Invest in self and others

- Over-communicate

- Create a compelling vision

- Service with a smile

Bio picture of Justin Hiebert. Sitting in chair looking at the camera.

Hi, I’m Justin

I'm thrilled you're here.

I created this course because for years I felt like my ability to lead myself and my team well was stagnant. I began a personal quest years ago to become the best leader I could.

This meant reading hundreds of books, attending seminars, investing in my own personal development, attaining advanced degrees, and lots of self-reflection.

Now, I work with industry leaders and organizations to provide executive coaching, conflict resolution techniques, and leading tactics for optimized human performance.

This course, the nuts and bolts of what I teach is now available to you, for free. Use the skills and strategies you use here to transform your own life and leadership.

Each of the points contained in this lesson has been proven hundreds of times over and helps peak leaders stay at peak performance.

Want to what today's most admired leaders do and how their day is structure? Enter the course, find out, and implement the strategy for yourself.


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