On Learning Objectives

Welcome to this year's Building With Purpose Conference.

Our theme this year is "Overcomers."

We can all agree that 2020 was quite unexpected. Lockdowns, shutdowns, and a world turned distant forced many of us into rethinking the way we engage our clients and our community.

And yet, through it all, we have been victorious.

We are overcomers!

Join us this year as we discuss some of the biggest obstacles that have been put in our way, and discover how you can turn them into opportunities.

You have an opportunity to:

  • Grow your leadership capacity
  • Build your team
  • Create new market opportunities
  • Serve your community
  • Transform your life!

And much more!

Included with each presenter you will see learning objectives and questions for reflection to help you get the most out of it.

Leave a comment and engage in the discussion each presenter gives us. What takeaways can you implement and use to improve your life, health, business, and service to the community?

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